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At times the questions might be invisible.
Shall we uncover their potential together?



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I believe the world is our best multi-disciplinary team. No matter where you might be, let's join forces to design for humans & our future + research for empathy & understanding + curiosity for learning & growth!

Questions are to design as experiences are to education!
A mindset for progress & a process for understanding...



We are all a collection of experiences! We have each learned from every path explored, those adventures creating connections amongst a chaotic world.

Legos, nature forts, inspiring teachers and the ever-present drive to question the world around me crafted the human form you see before yourself today. But there's still a bit more to the story ... and that will be added in the near future. In the meantime feel free to read on and discover how design, research and education have influenced my view of the roles we play as collaborative humans. Perhaps you too feel the opportunity for creativity in the world, maybe we will inspire one another together someday! 




The scientific method of business and social change! A mindset for uncovering relationships between everything on Earth and creating purpose behind our progress into the future.

Design is focused on partnering with people and communities to create impactful solutions that solve human-centered problems. Listening and empathizing with the struggles of those around us, we ideate / prototype / test / iterate / evolve their ideas into differentiated outcomes that impact real-world problems. It's all about the process of partnering with people to discover their needs and developing solutions through creative collaboration while inspiring / educating others to take action. We are not the humans we are designing for; you (the viewer) and those around us are the ones who need design to make change...come with us and we can create purpose for the future. 




A learning mindset living in a connected world! The never-ending curiosity to question and draw understanding from the ever-changing world around us to positively influence our future.

Research is a process of gathering and organizing insights / information from people, communities and the environment. Seeking deep learning and unexpected inspiration from immersion in the problem space, building frameworks for sharing knowledge. If you don't understand something, think like an anthropologist and view it through Beginner's Mind as if you were having an experience for the first time.




A mindful purpose to help others be successful! The journey of learning through experience, guiding people to find their purpose and building the foundations for critical thinking.

Education shows us the value of collaboration and creativity, helping to inspire the next generation through leadership / mentorship. Teachers and students worldwide have insights to help adapt the future of education, we have the opportunity to collaborate and ask the right questions to form solutions around their needs. Collaborate with people that share your values ... work with people that evolve your worldview ... create conversations with people who live differently than you ... learn from every human experience! We are all students and teachers of one another.



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