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American River Parkway (project)



Collaboration Systems (project)

The ways we work together are constantly changing, often times faster than teams can keep up. Collectively with a group of collaborators we are developing a toolkit focused on helping teams be more creative together while bringing thoughtful impact to humans and our environment. 



Discover Siskiyou (study)

In 2016 Augustine won the attention of our northern neighbor’s Tourism Improvement District. We journeyed together in creating a story, brand and community around this majestic California wonderland of adventure. 



Augustine Agency (study)

After nearly two decades of business, there comes a time where an evolution of a brand, creative processes and company culture is key to their continued future success. We set out as a agency of passionate people to tell our story and share our work with the world.



Problems & Questions (research)

We go through life gathering things we are curious about, but where are they saved? This collection is a living archive of intriguing problems and curious questions to inspire further action.



Futures : Project (research)

On a planet populated by an estimated 7.6 billion humans and well over that number in other species of animals, resources are a pivotal factor in the sustainable development of our future. We aim to help in this process through uncovering patterns and partnering with innovators to across the world to give our future a fighting chance.



Design Education + Startups (clients)

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, who at times struggled to makes ends meet, fostered my passion for working alongside small businesses to guide them in focusing more closely on their customers needs and the impact they are creating in the world around them. These are their stories!



Spohec* Workshops (project)

Mountain bikers love to explore the miles of trails our world has to offer without always considering how their riding effects the places they adventure or how they can preserve / maintain our environment. Keep your bikes happy and our home healthy, join us at one of our mobile workshops and let’s learn & ride together.



Koo! Sake International (project)

There once lived a family in Japan who crafted an exquisite traditional sake unlike anything ever tasted. To share their love for sharing with others I was honored to share their legacy and reflect on their relationship with a practice that today has nearly become a shadow of history.



Our Open Epic … Ethnography (project)

A open-source documentary telling the stories of humans on our planet to connect experiences we share together, weaving a colorful network of life’s strives and dives as we draw insights from our past and share the story of our existence. 



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