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Our Open Epic... Ethnography

How might we help bridge the gap between generations & empathize with other people around the world?




β€œDon’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
— Dr. Seuss

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The Human Condition β€” encompasses the unique features of being human, described as the irreducible part of humanity, including the meaning of life and the natural sense of curiosity. 


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Open-Source Design β€” is a philosophy, or pragmatic methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product’s design and implementation details, utilizes community involvement to evolve the social & conceptual symbiotic design connection. 


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Anthropology Studies β€” the science of humanity, an emphasis on in-depth examination of context, cross-cultural comparisons, the importance it places on participant-observation. 



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An open-source cultural & social documentary,
the ethnography of our human story

Experiences help us make connections & build relationships. Experiences create memories upon which emotions develop & mature. Experiences tell stories of the trials through the past into the unknown future. Experiences forge knowledge & intuition progressive application. Experiences construct confidence in personal skill & talent. Experiences are everything, they make us who we are and they provide us with a foundation for the future, they are in every soul.

To completely understand the human condition you need to know where society has come from, where it is at, and where it is headed. Experiences bring us closer to discovering ourselves and those who share connected experiences. Every experience is a memory, something learned, the story of our unique progress through our lives...share a story and build from experience.



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