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Collaboration Systems

How might we rethink the ways diverse teams collaborate creatively within an agency environment?



The ways we work together are constantly changing, oftentimes faster than teams can keep up. Collectively with a group of collaborators, we are in the process of developing a toolkit focused on helping teams be more creative together while bringing thoughtful impact to humans and our environment. 




Process & System

Mixed Methods

β€œThe whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
— Aristotle

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Illustrate the current state of creative collaboration within agencies. Use interviews and human stories!


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Dive deeper into the problem space. Talk with experts to gain insights. Draw additional inspiration from personal experience! 


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Prototype a question toolkit so teams can identify and understand their own collaboration struggles!



Synopsis & Overview


Most of us have worked in a variety of spaces, places, and industries throughout our lives. Have you ever stopped to reflect on all those positions once you’ve moved onto the next? If you answered affirmatively, well we have something in common already! 

Over the years I have become increasingly obsessed with the concept of reflection as it relates to our careers and the practice of mindfulness in the life we choose to live. The gradual reflections upon professional experiences have led to a primary subject of interest β€” collaboration β€” or more specifically, how we as humans work together and how we can discover ways in which we can work together more productively and creatively. Hopefully in the process also making everything along the way boundlessly more enjoyable for teams everywhere. 

The primary goal of this project (study over the past 6 years) is to understand how teams operate best together both locally and remotely. Secondarily, the focus was to discover opportunities for adapting processes / systems in the favor of stronger communication across disciplines, while reflecting upon my own experiences in a multitude of roles and environments. All in the name of collaboration; how might we help teams work better together for a meaningful purpose?

Even if you don’t typically reflect on these experiences, you most likely remember times when gears ground on every decision or those sessions when working with a team felt graciously collaborative with each progressive step. 


I would love to hear the story you have to share, let’s get coffee / tea / water / fresh air and evolve the project together!

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Synthesis + Ideation in progress...
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